Jen Minkman - YA Paranormal and Dystopian Author: Music


Why is there music on my author's blog? Because I write songs for my books. Sometimes they are instrumental, sometimes they feature words, but all of them accompany the story and characters in the book in a way that simple words can't express. Below, you can find Youtube-clips of songs for each book.

Shadow of Time
The song Josh plays for Hannah:

The song Hannah plays for Josh:

The Boy From The Woods
The song Julia composes with Michael in mind:

The song Thorsten composes together with Julia, based on Michael's poem:

The goodbye song Julia composes at the end of the book:

The Space In Between
The song Moira composes with Hayko in mind:

Fire of Fryslan
Aska's Song (the music Royce and Aska compose together in the third book of the trilogy)

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