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zaterdag 16 januari 2016

New Year resolution: BLOG MORE OFTEN

Because let's face it, why am I so quiet on here? In real life I'm anything but, I can assure you :) So from now on, I'm dedicating myself to posting on my website more often. I'll probably post stuff about bookish things, traveling (because that is my greatest passion next to writing), and music/movies. Today I'm kicking off by posting some pics from a party I attended last night: The YA Book Bash.

Organized by Storm Publishers in the Netherlands, this party was part award ceremony and part YA fun get-together. The winner of Storm's writing contest was announced, and the story that won was one of my personal favorites, so I was thrilled Mascha Schoonakker was chosen. She's won a book deal and her work will be published in Dutch and English in 2016 and 2017. Did you know that Storm Publishers publishes original YA fiction from the Netherlands in both Dutch  and English? They acquired the rights to my book 'The Boy from the Woods' last year, and they also published the first-ever Dutch new adult novel in 2015 ('Heat' by Lis Lucassen). Much more is in the pipeline, so keep an eye on them: they'll be a 'Dutch treat' for YA fans around the globe!

Some photos of last night:

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